Membership application

Full and Associate Membership pricing is shown below.
Membership fee Joining fee Total
1 year £175 £0 £175

ASSOCIATE MEMBER : Associate status with the IoD is for those who are new directors or are not yet a practising director, including those: a) Working closely with directors, such as entrepreneurs b) Aspiring to be a director c) Studying as undergraduate students d) Who have been a director and are unlikely to be a director again but wish to stay in touch with the director community. FULL MEMBER : Full member status with the IoD is for those who are practising directors and meet the following criteria: a) Are a practicing director – or have been and intend to be again in the near future b) Have never been disqualified as a director. Full member status is for both executive and non-executive directors and also their equivalents (in terms of responsibility/authority) within the public sector, third sector, trustees and the military. CHARITY AND STUDENT MEMBERS : are offered @ £79/year.