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JASP - Author talk - Doro - Refugee, Champion, Hero, Survivor

Hear about the lifesaving actions of Sea-Watch Refugee Search and Rescue volunteer Brendan Woodhouse, as he talks about his book, Doro, who like many refugees, has a heart-breaking and emotional story to tell.

Join this intimate event with co-author, Brendan Woodhouse, a firefighter, Sea-Watch Refugee Search and Rescue volunteer, and previous British Army Medic.

Brendan will share Doro's remarkable journey of resilience and hope, discussing his book: "Doro - Refugee, Champion, Hero, Survivor."

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase a signed copy of Brendan's book!

Wednesday 15th May 2023 at 17.45 - 21.00


The Dragon, the Pearl and the Misconceptions

Myth has it that in a rural province in central China, ruled by a rapacious emperor, the land was suffering from droughts and people were dying. One day, a little boy stumbled across a grassland - what a surprise! Amongst the greens, he found a pearl - pure and shiny! The boy brought the pearl back home and carefully hid it in a rice bag. Overnight, the rice overflowed and filled up the whole shed. The kind-hearted boy shared the rice with his poor neighbours. News spread quickly and was heard by the emperor, who ordered soldiers to snatch the pearl. To protect the pearl, the boy swallowed it and became a dragon, who since then has guarded his people and land day and night…

As the world will soon enter the Year of the Dragon, the 5th animal in the Zodiac Cycle, it is timely to spread and renew the spirit of this fascinating creature. While it is a symbol of evil in some Western traditions, the dragon symbolises superpower, wisdom, and hidden knowledge in China. People who were born in the Year of the Dragon (2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964) were said to be charismatic, talented and helpful. A number of household names who were born in the year of the dragon may not take you by surprise - founding member of the Beatles John Lennon, two-time British Prime Minister Harold Wilson, singer Tom Jones, and the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. 

To many on the Island, China is far and distant. Aside from chicken chow mein, fortune cookies and the cryptic Chinese scripts, interactions with China and Chinese are limited. As the Government is rolling out its second successive Lunar New Year event to celebrate diversity, it is an opportune moment to demystify some popular misconceptions.

No 1. China is crowded 

As the fourth largest country in the world, China is huge. Shanghai and Beijing are mega cities with populations of over 20 million, equal to Australia! While its per capita area isn’t as big as Australia, China is nonetheless vast. With the declining population and the more recent reverse flow of people to the countryside, the cities have become much less populous. Having said that, prepare yourself for some crowding and queuing during peak holiday periods, just as you would for Disney or attractions in London. 

No 2. The air pollution is concerning

Many Chinese people wear masks, particularly post-Covid. While being cautious about the air quality may contribute to one of the reasons, more have hygiene in mind. If you feel that you are coming down with a virus, it is of course sensible to wear a mask. Caring for yourself and others is a sign of a civilized society!

No 3. Chinese ingredients are very diverse - anything can appear on the menu

It is certainly true that food culture in China is vibrant, with distinctive flavours emanating from regions like Sichuan, Guangdong and Hunan. And while there is room for some rather exotic tastes, often the food will be a delicious twist on dishes known to us here. As we do in Jersey, the Chinese people enjoy taking advantage of the local produce and believe that the local climate and vegetation are meant to nurture the population. Crab dumplings in Shanghai, beer fish in Yangshuo (in Guilin Province) and seafood kebabs from the Muslim market in Xi’an are all examples of local produce and flavours.

No 4. It is difficult to get by without speaking Chinese

It is only understandable that many feel more comfortable in places where they at least know a few words or can identify letters from their alphabet. However, China is very well equipped with facilities to help English speakers get by. The announcements in airports and train stations are in both Chinese and English; road signs in big cities are very straightforward to use; many young Chinese even speak fluent English or at least understand it (they may be shy to speak with Westerners!).

No 5. Chinese people only work

Many Chinese work very hard and some even moonlight as a side-job. The truth is that we also play hard. I am often envious of my Chinese friends posting their night-outs on social media, and my mum and dad attend Tai Chi classes or join group dances in the community square nightly. The Chinese philosophy points to the fact that work-life integration is the way forward - you work whenever you can, and as much as possible while you can. But leisure too is also an indispensable part of your life. 

ThinkChinese Limited focuses on Chinese language and culture education through courses, events and trips to China. The team is contactable by


JT launch a new software solution for businesses and network operators worldwide.

Media release attached

Peter Stoten, Director of Strategy & Change at Prosperity 24/7 and Committee Member of the Association for Project Management (APM) Channel Islands branch would like to extend an invitation to IoD Jersey members for an insightful event dedicated to Jersey’s project management community, fostering collaboration among industry professionals, and gaining insights into the priorities of the APM.

Event Details

APM Discover your local project management community in Jersey

  • Thursday 08 February 2024
  • 17:00 – 19:30
  • Prosperity 24/7, Unit 3 & 4, Millais House Castle Quay, La Rue de L'Etau, Jersey, Channel Isles, JE2 3EG, United Kingdom


17:00 – Registration and refreshments

17:30 – Welcome and update from Professor Adam Boddison OBE, Chief Executive Officer and APM’s Chartered Project Professional of the Year Ed Mason-Smith, Director, CBO

17:50 – Networking

19:30 – Close

Why Attend?

  • This event is aimed at anyone who would like to find out more about project management in Jersey
  • Gain insights into innovative project management methodologies from renowned industry experts who will share their perspectives on the latest trends and challenges in project management
  • Network with industry leaders and fellow professionals from diverse range of sectors, foster collaboration, and knowledge exchange
  • Stay ahead of industry trends and position yourself or your organisation for more effective change delivery in 2024

APM believe that the expertise of IoD Jersey and its members or change professionals in member firms would contribute immensely to the depth and diversity of discussions at the event.

Your presence will not only enhance the learning experience for all participants but also provide a unique opportunity for collaboration. 


To confirm your attendance, please register here or by contacting Peter Stoten by return e-mail at 

We look forward to welcoming IoD and its members to the latest APMCI event and creating a dynamic environment for knowledge sharing and networking. 

The Government of Jersey are looking for a new Member for the Independent Board of Governance of the Comptroller & Auditor General (‘C&AG’).

Candidate Brief

Team HH is a health and fitnesses brand with a dual meaning. It was primarily for Hodgson Health when it was founded by husband and wife Ryan and Elly Hodgson. However as the brand has grown as has their team and a new meaning adopted of Health and Happiness, which is what everything they do is all about. Delivering clients towards their goals with health and happiness at the forefront. Ryan and Elly are both best selling authors and have worked with over 4500 busy men and women through their brand.

Team HH offers personalised, holistic coaching to individuals using their ‘best you’ formula, as well as corporate wellbeing packages too. They also have HH at the Waterfront, an exclusive health club based at the Radisson Hotel. The final part of Team HH is Team HH Bootcamp which is a members only bootcamp.

To find out more or register for a free consultation to discuss your goals head to

Jersey Finance is delighted to extend its Membership programme to Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) based in Jersey.

With increased regulation and governance of international finance centres, the broad expertise that NEDs can bring in relation to the core principles of governance, as well as their professional experience, can play a vital role in the future success of our industry. Find out more

Community & Event Space at NatWest International!

NatWest International have reopened their doors at Library Place and have a great new offering for their Business and Charity customers.

As part of the refreshed branch, they have incorporated a pop-up Market Stall space in the banking hall, which customers can use free of charge to promote their charity, raise funds, display and sell products, or raise awareness of a cause or event.

The branch also features two event spaces; one semi-private space in the banking hall and a more private event space on the second floor. Both are available to customers to book and use free of charge for meetings or presentations for up to 20 people.

If you’re a NatWest International customer and would like to learn more about the spaces and how to book, please contact Melissa Crowther.

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