Real world advice and inspiration

Jennifer Carnegie

I’ve always had a tendency to lean into things that scare me as I know I will benefit from it in the long run.

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Katie Corbett

Always be prepared to do a job that is beyond that which you’re currently being paid for. Take on responsibility, volunteer for additional tasks and always show up with enthusiasm, optimism and positivity.

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Natasha Lucock

I was quite shy and it took me a while to discover who I was. I didn't set out to have a career in insurance - it wouldn’t have crossed my mind.

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Brian Frith

My schoolboy job taught me the importance of buying and selling right and the cost of waste but mostly, the importance of relationships and the art of finding and keeping the customer.

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Diane Maxwell

People often make irrational decisions, are driven by FOMO or fear of ageing, or a range of other fears, and have multiple personalities that come out in different situations.

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Paul Murphy

Listen to your customers, especially when they are challenging you to perform better. Every day really is an opportunity to develop, learn and drive improvements.

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